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iPcXpert - One stop Solution Center

We'll securely and directly connect to your computer and help you with all your computer needs! You can watch as we work on your computer. Telephone support available as needed. We can help you... we guarantee it!

By directly connecting with your computer we can:

1. Clean and optimize your PC

2. Remove junkware from your new computer

3. Set up single or multiple email accounts for you

4. Fix most common Windows problems in just few minutes

5. Improve your computer's speed and performance (if you are using a security suite and need it swapped out for a more efficient one, this is its own session as that can take up to an hour to do)

6. Swap out your security programs for more efficient ones

7. Install software

8. Remove expensive, resource-hungry security programs and install free or lower-cost programs

9. Clean spyware, adware, malware and viruses from your Windows PC

10. Help you recover lost files

11. Solve aggravating Windows computer problems

12. Do a complete image-based backup of your computer

13. Identify potential problems and fixing them before they become big

14. We can direct connect to any Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Window 8 computer

15. We can optimize your brand new computer too - and clean the trialware and junkware for you!

Note: We cannot network computers together as it requires direct hands on for most types of network setup. Also, if your windows update is not working, it is oftentimes a Microsoft issue and eventually is resolved on its own. We cannot make a guarantee on update issues.

Quick and Easy
- Talk to Tech Expert
- Remote Diagnosis
- Issue Detection
- Satisfactory Solution
Customer for life.
About Us
To deliver cutting edge solutions supported by the highest quality customer care for all of our clients at all times.



Why Choose Us?

  • Microsoft Certified Technicians

  • Full PC Service

  • Multiple Brand Support

  • Cost effective Plans

  • Quick Resolution

  • Personal support with Tech Expert

  • Secured Remote Access

  • Repairs & Upgrades

  • PC Health Check

  • Software Installation

How our clients feel about us

  • I have been very impressed with your friendliness and responsiveness. I would go so far as to say you set a benckmark in customer support that other companies could learn a lot from.

    - Matt customer
  • There isn't anything hidden when looking desktop you need to be sure there isn't anything publishing packages in the middle of generators.

    - Mark Richardson customer
  • My issue got resolved within minutes. Best service at affordable price.

    - Raj customer
  • A great experience!

    - Paul customer
  • Satisfied with the prompt and efficient service that

    - Don customer

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